Teaching & Non Teaching Staff Management
  One of the primary concerns of the management is to have an organized database of its manpower starting from class IV to the principal and director of the school. This is a crucial information for the school when it comes to payroll management and finance management. For every employee of the school- adhoc, temporary, on probation, permanent, the management needs clear cut information to release funds. This is an indicator of an efficient management to run the institution smoothly. The fed in this module flows to payroll administration. This integration of data helps take necessary actions on several fronts such as recruiting the staff at different times and different levels.

Easy to use:
1. Menu based system
2. Keyboard shortcuts for common commands.
3. Simple data entry.
4. Short training requirement.

1. Exhaustive information about the employee.
2. Advance information about the report of the employee.
3. Complete record of educational qualification, work experience.
4. Special achievement of an employee.

1. Report of an employee containing information about address, permanent address, family etc.
2. Report about pan number, passport number, adhaar card etc.
3. Total experience of various classes and subjects taught.

Efficient Administration:
The entire information about the employee of the school is click of mouse away the management for any purpose required by the management.


  01. Front Office, Reception, Enquiries  
  02. Student Registration Forms  
  03. Student Registration & Admission  
  04. Parent-teacher meeting & interaction  
  05. Communication With Students, Parents & Visitors  
  06. Student Record Management  
  07. Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff Management  
  08. Attendance - Student & Staff  
  09. Examination Management (Including CCE & 10+2)  
  10. Timetable(Teaching & Examination)  
  11. Fee Management  
  12. Expenditure management  
  13. Homework Management  
  14. News, Circular & Notice Board  
  15. Inventory Management  
  16. Transport Management  
  17. Library Management