Student Record Management
  The most crucial information for the school is the record of all its students. This is created by feeding all relevant information related to student, such as name, address, contact details, date of admission, class, roll number, occupation and qualification of parents and other necessary information which the school may require. For each student an ID number is created. This information flows from this module to other modules such as Fee Administration, Library Management, Students’ Performance, Online Testing etc. There is no need of reentering the information.

This module takes care of record of the students with reference to hobbies, special qualities, transfer from the school, transfer within the school, promotion to the higher class and in general information about parents and their occupation.

Easy to use
• Menu based system
• Context sensitive Online help
• Keyboard shortcuts for common commands
• Simple data entry
• Short training at your convenience

• School Leaving Details
• Transfer Certificate
• Character Certificate
• Student’s Admission in next session
• Miscellaneous Receipts etc.

Students Detail according to
• Class
• Admission Code Heads
• Parents’ Occupation
• Birth Date
and many more …

Efficient Administration
• Password protected access to software and data
• Built-in backup and restore facilities to protect your data and to enable transfer of data between computers.
• Different types of students - Normal, Staff Child, Sponsored etc.
• Flexible Admin. Code Heads and status to distinguish between studying and passed out students. And much more…


  01. Front Office, Reception, Enquiries  
  02. Student Registration Forms  
  03. Student Registration & Admission  
  04. Parent-teacher meeting & interaction  
  05. Communication With Students, Parents & Visitors  
  06. Student Record Management  
  07. Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff Management  
  08. Attendance - Student & Staff  
  09. Examination Management (Including CCE & 10+2)  
  10. Timetable(Teaching & Examination)  
  11. Fee Management  
  12. Expenditure management  
  13. Homework Management  
  14. News, Circular & Notice Board  
  15. Inventory Management  
  16. Transport Management  
  17. Library Management