Library Management
  This module draws total student information from the Students’ Record Management module and staff information from the Payroll Module. The Library Management Module follows a standard method of feeding information about the books into different categories and sub-categories.

For generating any possible reports on the various types of books, issue and received transactions etc., the software requires details including title of the books, staff information, student information and validations. The System is updateable with the changes in the library inventory. The module can easily replace any prevalent system of library management in an educational institution.

The module simplifies keeping records about the number of books allowed to be issued, duration of issue, applicable delay charges on overdue books, recovery in case of book loss, minimum period for which a book can be reserved etc.

This module can further provide exhaustive reports on Book Title, Single Author’s Name, Numerous Authors’ Names, Publisher’s Name, Accession Number, Purchase Price, Supplier’s Name, Number of Copies per title etc. Moreover, it allows for recording all the details of other library media including periodicals, journals, software, CDs etc.

The module completely handles all processes of library management in an efficient and effective manner.

Easy to use
• Menu based system
• Context sensitive Online help
• Keyboard shortcuts for common commands
• Simple data entry
• Minimum training required

• Powerful Search:
Search listing through
• Title
• Publisher
• Subject
• Author(s)
• Class
• Category….etc.

• Issue Register
• Report of defaulters (students and staff)
• List of all books
• Reports of accounting interest
• And many more……

Efficient Administration
• Password protected access to software and data
• Built-in backup and restore facilities to protect and enable data transfer between computers.

• Wide range of categories (1000).
• 500 Pure Sciences
• 510 Chemistry
• 511 Nuclear Chemistry
• 512 Bio Chemistry
• Separate information management for magazines and journals


  01. Front Office, Reception, Enquiries  
  02. Student Registration Forms  
  03. Student Registration & Admission  
  04. Parent-teacher meeting & interaction  
  05. Communication With Students, Parents & Visitors  
  06. Student Record Management  
  07. Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff Management  
  08. Attendance - Student & Staff  
  09. Examination Management (Including CCE & 10+2)  
  10. Timetable(Teaching & Examination)  
  11. Fee Management  
  12. Expenditure management  
  13. Homework Management  
  14. News, Circular & Notice Board  
  15. Inventory Management  
  16. Transport Management  
  17. Library Management