Examination Management
  This module requires feeding of data relating to marks obtained in various stages of examination conducted by the school. The software automatically keeps records of each subject of each student. For any subject, an automatic merit list is created which helps subject teacher and class teacher to look at relative performance of the class. A manual labour is completely over. To prepare such a record for comparative analysis is a big headache for examination committee of the school. Not only this is an efficient method, it is hundred percent accurate. This kind of information is very much required by the school for giving prizes to students on the occasion of the annual function.

Easy to use:
1. Menu based system
2. Keyboard shortcuts for common commands.
3. Simple data entry.
4. Short training requirement.

1. Marks at a glance for any subject, for any student in any class.
2. Immediate rank in the class and in the section.
3. Comparative performance of any student in different exams.

1. Record of marks automatically moves to students’ report card.
2. Generation of merit list-subject wise, class wise.
3. No need to prepare report card and its details manually.
4. Date sheet of exams generated by the software.
5. Seating plan of exams.


  01. Front Office, Reception, Enquiries  
  02. Student Registration Forms  
  03. Student Registration & Admission  
  04. Parent-teacher meeting & interaction  
  05. Communication With Students, Parents & Visitors  
  06. Student Record Management  
  07. Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff Management  
  08. Attendance - Student & Staff  
  09. Examination Management (Including CCE & 10+2)  
  10. Timetable(Teaching & Examination)  
  11. Fee Management  
  12. Expenditure management  
  13. Homework Management  
  14. News, Circular & Notice Board  
  15. Inventory Management  
  16. Transport Management  
  17. Library Management