Software Testing
Grow Mind Team Provide application testing services. CSL Quality Assurance and Application Testing services help minimize defects in your application development and maintenance by verifying the accuracy of your application against a given set of business requirements. We formulate test strategy, test planning, execution, and defect analysis & risk assessment. We provide Application testing with various degrees of energy. This includes testing independent modules as well as whole suit along various stages of application development and implementation.

• Client Requirements Features Testing
• Functional Testing
• Unit & Modular Testing
• Code Testing
• Performance Testing
• Integration & System Testing
• Regression Testing

Client Requirement Features Testing: generally this test validate all requirements & Features of client fulfill or not. We can perform functional testing using manual tools.

Functional Testing: generally stated this test validates an applications behavior according to its functional specifications. This involves the testing of application user interface, API’s database architecture functionality, Access and security levels, and application networking and installation package. We can perform functional testing using manual or automated tools.

Unit & Modular Testing: Independent modules of an application set are tested for bugs before integration. This confirms accurate behavior of independent modules in separate test environment for functionality and compatibility.

Coding Testing:

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